Sunday, October 2, 2011

One pet's point of View

I had a request from a Mistress friend on my thread to write about the pet's point of view. So, i am going to try. One of the big things for me with being a pet is pleasing my Master. I want Him to be happy and taken care of. He is always first, His wants and needs. It is rather hard to explain. I want His attention a lot, lots of rubs and pettings and cuddles. Being owned makes me feel safe and loved because He cared enough to buy a collar and put it on me. I wear it happily everywhere, showing off that i belong to Him. When i'm not wearing my collar, i feel naked and very self-conscious. It just feels wrong. Kind of like someone who has been married for many years suddenly taking off their wedding ring. My collar is like touchable proof of His love and protection, especially when He is not with me. I feel so proud when He gives me orders and requests, to me it shows that He cares enough about me to do so. But, He is also respectful of me, not wanting me to do anything i don't want to. He worries that i don't rest enough, eat enough. His main desire is that i take care of myself when He can't take care of me, while i focus on trying to take care of Him all that i can. Um. I can't really think of much else to put right now. As i think of new things, i will post them. -tail wags-

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  1. Hi Lunara! You're doing such a great job on this blog, I hope to see more (and to see you in the Hangout again) soon! Love, pets and cookies! ~Miss Pixie