Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collar Bags and Collars

Hello. I'm sorry it has been so long since i have written anything. I have been rather busy. I have a new project that i have been working on. I have been making a bag to keep my collar in for when I'm not wearing it. Also, i have been working on tarot bags, for keeping decks in. I am hoping to see these, to bring in some extra money so if anyone is interested in buying them, please send me a message about it and we will figure out style, designs, and prices. The above pictures are of the collar bag that I made. The outer material is a heavy black curtain-like material and the inner lining is red satin. There are three ribbons that, when tied, hold the flap closed on the bag. The red lace adds a decorative touch and also a functional purpose in hiding where the ribbons are sewn onto the top flap.  The charms are held on with lobster claw necklace fasteners. This is so that charms can be changed out and, as with my collar, taken off and added to the collar. The top bag is a tarot deck bad that I made for a friend. It is sewn in a pouch shape and has ribbon draw ties to close it. A key charm has been sewn onto the front of the bag. The charms for each bag will vary, depending on availability, as will the fabrics to make the bags. 
I have also been working on a collar-type choker for my sister. She fell in love with my leather Collar Factory collar and wanted a cat-like collar to wear. So, i did the best i could and the above picture is what i ended up with. My sister loves it and I think it turned out rather well, especially with it being a spur of the moment project. The black portion is a thick black ribbon and the white is a decorative ribbon that i sewed onto the black ribbon. The three charms are also sewn into the black ribbon. The collar has ribbon ties on the back similar to the ties on my collar bag, for securing the collar around the neck.
-blushes- Anyway...that is what i have been working on. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and perhaps i will luck out and someone will want to buy something. -crosses fingers-


  1. Wow Lunara, these are so beautiful! I've got a couple of chokers I've made myself as well, though unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to sell like you're thinking about, I get too attached ^^;; Wonderful job on these, really! If I wasn't broke, I'd consider commissioning you <3

  2. -blushes, smiling- thank you, Miss Pixie.