Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to All!

Welcome to my blog. As it says in the description, this blog is focused mainly on humans who are willingly collared by another. Pets, willing subs, and switches are all welcome here, as well as kind Owners and Masters/Mistresses. Many pets have an affinity with animals, usually one or two specific animals. For me, it is wolves and cats. My Master is a dragon. Once I can get them to work properly, I will have links on here for many places, some collar sites, some animal help sites, possibly some furry sites. 
  I am a pet, owned by a wonderful Master. I am willingly, happily, and proudly owned. A Master/pet relationship can be a wonderful and amazing thing. If it is right for someone, that is. Even though it seems like one would fully be over the other, there is some equality within it. The pet must be willing for it to be a fulfilling relationship. The Master/pet community is much larger than most people think. W/we tend to keep it quiet, confiding in only a few trusted people. There is one place that i have found that is wonderful for U/us. It is collarfactory.com. My Master found it while W/we were looking for a collar for Him to put on me. Once W/we found it and i had designed my collar, i began to look through the forum and found so many others like U/us. i was so happy. i have made friends there with other pets and Owners and have been able to be myself completely. i started a thread there with the same name as this blog, hoping to be able to meet more people and it worked well beyond what my Master and i had ever hoped. With making that thread, i think i also created a safe gathering place for many Owners and pets to get together and chat, ask each other questions and make new friends like themselves. But, i thank Collar Factory for letting me make the thread. 
   i am hoping, once i figure out how, to be able to link this blog to that thread and site. i would love to see my friends from the forum here as well. I am open to ideas on how to improve this blog and make it more suitable for visitors. If there is an animal that Y/you would like to see in the pictures that i missed, let me know and i will do what i can to post a picture of it. i hope that everyone who is supportive of O/our lifestyle feels welcome here and will enjoy reading this blog.

Have a great day/night
Goddess Bless)O(

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